iModerate Introduces ThoughtPath™

iModerate Introduces ThoughtPath™

iModerate Author

Feb 06, 2012

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Denver, CO (February 6, 2012) – iModerate Research Technologies, a leading qualitative research firm, recently implemented ThoughtPath™; a new holistic approach to bring more relevance and honesty to their client’s qualitative research.

ThoughtPath revolves around three Cognitive Theories – Identity Theory, Perception Theory and Phenomenology. These theories allow iModerate’s qualitative experts to better understand consumers’ inherent thought processes and how they make decisions. Depending on the research question, iModerate’s qualitative team blends the optimal combination of ThoughtPath’s three theories to customize an approach. Utilized to inform the company’s online, one-on-one qualitative conversations, ThoughtPath gives iModerate’s moderators the framework to decipher how consumers see themselves, what they really notice and the experiences that shape them.

“We are thrilled about ThoughtPath and the insights that it bears,” said Carl Rossow, iModerate’s CEO. “When you can unilaterally improve what you do for your clients, it’s a wonderful thing, and ThoughtPath is helping us do just that. It gives us the ability to ask more meaningful questions in a more efficient manner and carry out a more organic qualitative conversation.”

ThoughtPath was developed by iModerate’s senior leadership team and an outside consultant over a period of 12 months. The new approach influences everything iModerate does, from kick-off calls to the qualitative conversations to the deliverables. It is being used across all audiences and project types and is completely customized based on each client’s research objectives.

For more information, please visit www.imoderate.com/approach/thoughtpath

About iModerate Research Technologies iModerate Research Technologies is a leading qualitative market research firm with a distinct approach to uncovering the most meaningful insights. Based in Denver, Colorado and founded in 2004, iModerate is known for pioneering and championing the online one-on-one. With over 100,000 conversations to our credit, and an in-depth knowledge of how consumers think and behave, we have helped countless organizations obtain the insights that matter most to them. For more information, please visit

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iModerate’s online qualitative interviews have been enormously helpful to us during the concept testing phase of research. iModerate provides us with invaluable feedback from a nationally representative group of Americans within a very short time frame. Not only do we get this data quickly, but it is also high quality. iModerate’s moderators are skilled at asking questions that yield useful responses. iModerate reports provide information that’s more than interesting, it’s actionable.

Sara Bamossy, Senior Strategic Planner, Saatchi & Saatchi LA